Brand : BeWild

LED Light-Up Shoes All White (Mens 6.5)

These amazon Light-up LED shoes are the perfect accessory for the club, a rave party, or just a night out on the town. The Bewild® LED Shoe is your best choice for footwear for any occasion you want to be noticed at.

Our all-white sneakers have a USB rechargeable port right inside the shoe, so you can wear these for years to come. That’s right, just plug these bad boys in to any standard USB port, just like your cell phone, and 2 hours later you’ve got a gorgeous glowing piece of footwear that will outlast you for the night!

We’ve conveniently hidden the secret on/off switch in the shoe! A quick press between the 2nd and 3rd eyelet for the laces and you’re shoes wil lbe lighting up your night.

Do not confuse these shoes with the light-up sneakers you had as a kid. These are SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTS that stay lit all night long, not just when you take a step.

Amazing all-white design, with rubber soles, so you know this shoe will go with everything you have in your closet. And don’t be afraid of getting them dirty – we’re one step ahead of you! Our shoes wipe clean with a damp cloth, so you’ll be looking FRESH all night long as you light up the club.

Seriously, these shoes MUST BE SEEN to fully experience how bright they are. You can choose between solid/steady color or if you’re feeling especially randy – choose the RANDOM mode: This will have all colors going in a random, alternating pattern.


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