Price : $29.99
Brand : JustinCostume

JustinCostume Spandex Open Face Full Bodysuit Zentai Suit, M, Black

Size Chart:
S: Height: 57.09-62.09 inch (145-160 cm), Bust: 29.53 inch (75 cm), Waist: 23.62 inch (60 cm), Hip: 29.53 inch (75 cm)
M: Height: 59.06-64.96 inch (150-165 cm), Bust: 31.5 inch (80 cm), Waist: 27.17 inch (69 cm), Hip: 31.5 inch (80 cm)
L: Height: 62.99-68.9 inch (160-175 cm), Bust: 35.43 inch (90 cm), Waist: 30.71 inch (78 cm), Hip: 35.43 inch (90 cm)
XL: Height: 66.93-77.87 inch (170-180 cm), Bust: 39.37 inch (100 cm), Waist: 35.43 inch (90 cm), Hip: 39.37 inch (100 cm)
XXL: Height: 70.87-74.8 inch (180-190 cm), Bust: 43.7 inch (111 cm), Waist: 37.4 inch (95 cm), Hip: 43.7 inch (111 cm)

Note: We can Made to Measure, please provide your measurements if you can not choose a standard size.

From costuming to cosplay to fantasy play, the JustinCostume Open Face Zentai Suit is the perfect bodysuit to choose when you’re looking for a Zentai suit that is comfortable to wear and made to last.
The bodysuit includes covered feet and hands, a high neck that can be pulled over the chin and a hood that covers the forehead and ears.
Get that perfect unitard that you need for any task or occasion! Add the JustinCostume Open Face Zentai Suit to your cart today.


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