Price : $42.00
Brand : Applejack Apparel

Sparkly Mermaid Tail By Applejack Apparel (Large 8-10, Beautiful Blue)

At Applejack Apparel, we create awesome mermaid costumes for girls for a fraction of the cost of higher end “swimming tails.” Ours are fine for shallow water, and have a realistic look. They aren’t meant for swimming in deeper water, like tails with a removable monofin, but are an affordable alternative for the young mermaid enthusiast. Each tail is sewn to last through many hours of mermaid play. The stretchy fabric is forgiving and comfortable, and can be hand washed and air dried. Let your favorite girl be the most dazzling mermaid in the lagoon with one of our mesmerizing tails, and purchase a top to match (we offer two styles in the same fabric.)


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