Price : $15.86
Brand : Kayso

KAYSO INC Original Lover’s White Collection – Couple’s Masquerade Mask Set, Set 9

The original Lover’s Collection by Kayso Inc. Kayso Inc paired it’s most popular women’s signature laser cut masks with the classic men’s masquerade mask. Going to an event with a date? You will find the perfect mask for you and your date here! Look good and stand out at your event. Kayso Inc’s signature laser cut masks features detailed craftmanship that can’t be described by words, the pictures doesn’t do the masks justice. These beautiful laser cut masks are paired with Kayso Inc’s classic men’s masquerade masks. The men’s mask is subtle yet if you look closely it is also crafted with exceptional details. When not being worn, these masks can be used as a beautiful decoration piece for any room. So make the memories at your masquerade event last a lifetime with Kayso Inc’s Original Lover’s Collection.


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