Price : $14.00
Brand : Broner

Adjustable Captain Hat-White Flagship W39S25C

Yacht much? You will once you’ve seen yourself in this hat. For your fantasies of being at the helm of a huge yacht with numerous crewmen at your beck and call, you’re going to need this hat. This detailed hat has everything; ship not included. The crown is made of a cool white cotton, with a patch of gold stitching on black fabric, at the front of the hat. The 2-1/2″ brim is covered in a stark black cotton, to match the background of the patch, with beautifully detailed gold leaves embroidered onto the brim. The hatband is also covered in black fabric, with a matching gold elastic band fastened to the band with two simple fabric covered buttons. The inside of the hatband is lined in padded cotton for comfort.


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