Price : $38.50
Brand : xcoser

Bane Mask Costume Props TDKR Full Adult Size – New Gun Metal Version Xcoser

Super bane cosplay with Xcoser Bane Mask

Including: Bane mask +Xcoser Golden Logo

Material: High level latex


Increase mouth space;
Increase holes, good to breath;
humanized detail design;
3D technology new appearance, more like Bane;
New paint technology, deluxe articulation;

Support customizes painting. Make the color fit your “own Bane”.

Best Bane mask for Bane fans

1. How does Bane’s mask work?

Best imagination: It is reasonable to believe that Bane suffered terrible damage to his spine during his fight to defend Talia as she escaped. The doctors were able to save his life, but by an operation consisting of extensive cervical fusion. The operation was not 100% successful and now causes Bane constant and excruciating pain. Bane now wears the mask in order to directly inhale a constant flow of anesthetic in order to make the pain bearable.

2. Does the mask fit me?

A: Yes, it’s flexible, suitable for all Adults.

3. Will the mask be popular this year?

A: Of course, it’ll be. The mask is a good prop to Halloween Bane cosplay or Christmas cosplay.



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